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Alright updated my gallery after years of missing out! Hopefully I'll have more pictures soon as I am undertaking a 100 art challenge of my own creation.

Right Now I am taking commisions and *possibly* requests. Contact me to negociate!
Yay! It's my bday today! I'm finally 19! *stuff face in cake*
I'm not putting lots of pictures lately cause I've been trying to learn to color on PSP7 but i'm very bad at shading and highlights and backgrounds..... If there is anyone out there that would like to help me with at least the shading/highlights, please contact me! Full credit of your help will be creditted!
Yes in the next few hours or days I'll be uploading a few old pics along with a few new ones once I color them since I have time now! VIVE LES VACACES DE MARS!
Hope you all (no matter how little of you look at my pics) enjoy my lastest pic. Anyways I also updated my site. The story "The Lengend of Phoenix" is about how Kakkarot and Airlia came together.

Here's the quick link:…
Well I'm off to Germany to visit my bf! So nothing new will be upfdated till I return around the 3rd! Bye all!
Yeah the reason I'm not drawing very much lately is because I've been writting! That's right! I have already put up the first two chapters of Frozen which is about Phoenix (Vegeta's mate) and I'm going to type up the 3rd one very soon, like this weekend! It's already on paper so it should be up fast enough!

P.S. I'm still looking for someone who might do a request for me or CG my art...I can't do CG for s***...
I'm going to rename it to match the button soon enough... hope it's not 3 months before my next up date again....
Wow I'm surprised my scaner only took five minutes for each picture! (Usually uses my friend Zobias' scaner, heh) But it's done! I got a few old and new pics for you all! ^_^  So every day again I'll put up more!
This is what I got for now. More stuff will come when I get a chance to scan. I have some old stuff as well that needs scanning. So more to come soon this month!

P.S. Thanks to those who commented my art and keep them coming! ^_^ I love comments! -good ones!-
SO i tried shading... it might not be very good but it's still alright...

I'll upload a picture every day till i have none left.... i have 8 more to upload so stay tuned for that :)
I basically don't shade....why? cause I suck at it and don't have time for it. I also suck at computer coloring so if ever someone would like to color something go ahead and show me when your done! ^_^ I'd be very greatful!

I would also like to ask any DB/Z/GT fan that has art they like to have on other ppl's sites then please send it to me with your name! Fics are also very welcome!!